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Every dot on the map of mother earth on the wall in our conservatory marks a country that we have visited in our travels.

It may have been a brief visit from the deck of a cruise liner or it might be a tour to see the sights and breathe in the atmosphere of another dot on our wall.

Some of you may label us profligate, giant carbon foot printing people who should know better at our age. Be that as it may. We prefer to look on the positive. We have seen some wonderful sights and had some extraordinary adventures but above all we have met some truly fantastic people whether that is travelling companions or locals who have without exception made us welcome and for a short period of time have become our friends.

Find a list of the countries we have visited with photos, here

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For many years we did not have the money to travel further than Paulines home town in Cornwall. Once we realised we could afford to enjoy the fruits of our labours, the world became our oyster.

Don’t get me wrong Cornwall was great. Sunny days were idyllic. Staying at Mums bungalow on the sea front at Par, long summer days on the beach. What more could you ask. Then there were the rainy holidays when Cornish weather decided that it was time to water the gardens. Did you have to do it every day for a fortnight?

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Our first holiday was to Crete. On announcing to our University bound offspring that no they had fled the nest we were spreading our wings, they thought it a good idea to tag along to keep us safe.

Thus began a love affair with Crete, its tavernas and the taverna owners. More of that later if I am able to find a few photos. Otherwise you may have to put up with a few anecdotes, and we have plenty of those. The taverna owner and friends used to visit us once the season was over in Crete bringing with them all the british currency they had accumulated in tips, ready for a spending spree in time for Christmas……… More of that later.

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In the meantime, why not hop along to the list of places we have visited and enjoy…well I hope you will enjoy. Speaking for Pauline and myself we set out determined to enjoy our holiday whatever happens. There will always be some memories to bring back and treasure.

Find a list and a whole host of photos and short description. Email me if you like it (or not as the case might be!!

Find a list of the countries we have visited with photos, here

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